The Latest Medical Apps for Students, Residents, and Physicians

Applications have become an integral part of our life – from the endlessly entertaining “Candy Crush” to the social media savvy Instagram lovers, or the mobile minute saving What’s App users, we all have delightful programs stored on our phones that help us get through daily life. Medical applications are becoming a HUGE part of the medical student’s repertoire of resources: and for good reasons. Below you’ll find our top 5 list of amazing apps for technology-savvy medical professionals.


This app is the go-to for disease pathology and treatments. Many hospitals, academic centers and institutions subsribe to UpToDate Anywhere, which allows a personal account via mobile. Discover how to set up the app from iMedicalApps as a student, so that you can get a discount on the subscription!


Micromedex comes highly ranked among academic pharmacists for clinical information on drugs and pharmaceuticals. You can purchase the app for $2.99 a year, or get the app for free from your institution. It includes a clinical teaching section as well as a toxicology section. Download the app here for Android or iPhone>>

Read by QxMD

This medical app provides a great reading resource on tablets and mobile devices for reviewing and marking medical cases. Visit QxMD to discover more about Read.


This free app is meant for the patient – and can be an easy recommendation for psychologists to recommend patients with mood disorders to track and express their daily mood. The app is easy to register – in under a minute a patient can begin ranking their daily mood, record mood improvement strategies, and even charts the overall mood over a long period of time. To download, visit this link>>

Figure 1

This may be the most useful for the emerging medical student. This crowdsourced medical photo social network allows students to browse patient photos and learn diagnoses from a growing medical image library. Discover this free, safe app online here>>

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