Webinar: Take the Confusion Out of Online Security

Featuring Today’s Webinar by Simple Practice, this webinar is highly beneficial for all in the medical community concerned about software and HIPAA Compliance.
As a company in the mental health community we’re very familiar with how intimidating the guidelines of HIPAA can seem. We operate under these guidelines like everyone else in the community so online security is extremely important to us. We think it’s important for both legal and ethical reasons.
Unfortunately, we see a lot of misunderstanding from therapists around online security. That concerns us and we want to help out. Frequently we see therapists looking for a one-stop solution for total HIPAA compliance. We’re asked, “Will I be HIPAA compliant if I purchase your software?” The answer is, “it depends.”
Online security starts with the software where you store your sensitive information, but it has to continue through every point of access to that information. So online security is important to consider for every computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet that you uses to access sensitive information.
We know this may seem intimidating, but don’t let it scare you. At SimplePractice we like to think of online security as an ongoing process… a series of steps that you continue to take. When you break it down into steps, it’s much more manageable.
That’s why we’re excited to help our friend, security expert, and licensed therapist Clinton Campbell spread the word about some simple steps you can take today for greater online security. Clinton has a great way of communicating and breaking down these big concepts into actionable steps.
Register now for Clinton’s webinar Protect Your Practice: Take the confusion out of online security.
Time: September 16th at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern)
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