What You Can Learn From Healthcare Workers Without Insurance

Flammable patients? Have you heard of such an incident happening in the operating room? But it’s true. Each year an estimated 650 people are victims of surgical fires during surgery. Some of the causes seem like circumstances straight out of fiction: an electronic scalpel meets the oxygen supply; an alcohol-based disinfectant interacts with a cauterizing tool.

No one can argue successfully that the patients aren’t the ones suffering the most. When people lose their lives and limbs, nothing could be worse. Medical staff often suffer psychological issues after a patient tragedy, and medical errors take place more frequently than most people might think.

One healthcare worker only inserted an IV needle into a car crash victim’s arm in an effort to save her life. When the patient succumbed to her injuries, the man attempting to rescue her became one of many called to defend himself in a suit brought by the victim’s surviving family members.

Health care specialists endure a multitude of injustices when sued, and the implications are far-reaching. Many stand to lose their careers, the very reason they might feel they exist. When that lifelong mission to help people is disrupted, when doubt is placed on their expertise and competency, many medical specialists develop anxiety, depression, and may even begin to question their skills. The last thing any treating professional needs to think about is whether or not the verdict will also clean them out financially.

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