What’s On Your Bucket List? A Mini Summer Travel Guide from CPH

It’s not easy to set up a getaway – but on the rare chance you do, be ready to go! Here are 20 suggestions from CPH on how to spend your next week off. We tried to keep them within the states, but many an adventure and experience can be found in the list below!

  1. Drive from San Francisco down to San Diego – visit every beach on the way down.
  2. Visit New Orleans and try some local boudin and crawfish, if they’re in season!
  3. Plan a staycation – somewhere close by but under the radar
  4. Go to Washington, DC for the 4th of July and picnic on the mall all day. Enjoy the nation’s best fireworks show – it’s worth it.
  5. Blow up a map of your state. Paste it on the wall and throw a dart – drive to wherever it lands! Texas natives get a bye from this exercise.
  6. Try a new flavor at a Portland beer festival – then grab a bite at a local food truck afterward.
  7. Seattle. Buy a bouquet at Pike’s Place and contribute to the gum wall.
  8. Rent a 4-wheeler and go off-road in the nearest desert.
  9. Visit a friend who lives out of town – preferably one you haven’t visited – and have them show you around.
  10. Go see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.
  11. Enjoy a margarita or try a michelada on the beaches of Mexico.
  12. Visit the local sites – you won’t know them until you see them!
  13. Go sailing in the British Virgin Islands.
  14. Stay in an over-water bungalow in Fiji.
  15. Go to the top of Olympic Stadium in Montreal.
  16. Visit Camden Yards for a game and take a tour of the Baltimore Harbor after.
  17. Go on a Riviera getaway –Hit Nice, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco in fashion.
  18. Do a cycle tour in Fort Lauderdale, end at the beach and enjoy a late night and a warm ocean breeze.

Do you have anything we should add to this list? Comment below and we’ll make it a part of our Summer Suggestions!


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