Why You May Need Additional Coverage for Consulting

You’re covered when it comes to patient care and diagnoses. If anyone tries to file a malpractice suit against you, for the rendering of services to clients, professional liability insurance coverage will get you through that wrinkle in your life.

In addition, you also be at risk for the aspects of your profession that don’t involve direct care, such as teaching and training, acting as an expert witness, and medical administration. Often, as a healthcare professional, you’ll be called on to use your skills and knowledge in settings outside the direct client/patient relationship. In addition, more and more often, mental and allied healthcare providers are participating in educational and consulting activities in addition to – or instead of – direct patient care.

These types of activities carry unique legal risks. Even providing information or advice to a large number of patients or caregivers at one time may be increasing your exposure to the risk of a lawsuit.

Did you know these activities may not be covered under your current professional liability insurance policy? 

An easy and affordable way to protect yourself from the consequences of a lawsuit resulting from consulting, teaching or training is to add what CPH & Associates calls the Consulting Services Liability Endorsement to your professional liability insurance policy. You’ll be covered for lawsuits resulting from advice, testimony or consulting you provide in your area of specialization. This coverage is available to you whether you are full-time, part-time, employed or self-employed.

Before providing your expertise, or conducting training in your field, think past your professional liability insurance coverage. You can practice what you preach, but when you preach your practice, you need to be covered with the right kind of professional liability insurance.


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