Yoga for Mental Health

The Department of Health and Human Services has recognizes September as National Yoga Month! This can mean experiencing a full week of yoga, free, at a local gym or yoga studio. While over 1,600 yoga studios nationwide are participating in free yoga week (find them here), there must be a good reason for a government organization to recognize the yoga in such a way.

The fact is, yoga is a wonderful way to not only maintain flexibility, but considered a practice for improving the mind and body. An ancient practice from India, yoga is a way to both improve your mental health and physical posture.

Yoga has been discovered to:

  • Resolve chronic low-back pain
  • Reducing heart rate and blood pressure
  • Relieve anxiety and depression

One of the biggest benefits of yoga is the ability to alleviate stress. The focused breathing and mental state reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. These are all great benefits, but how exactly does yoga do this? We may feel silly holding a downward facing dog pose or holding your legs in the air, but the reality is that this disorienting array of bodily discombobulation can actually make a lot of things in our bodies RIGHT.

Yoga does this by actually changing the way that our nerves fire. Blood gases, bodily fluids change and as a result, encourage our bodies to relax. Tension, adrenalin, and bodily stress turns to calm and relaxation. Many proclaim that yoga can tone up your internal organs, spinal nerves, elongate muscles and slow brain/nerve firing.

For more info on the benefits of yoga, check out this additional info from the National Institutes of Health>>


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