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Who Can Give Informed Consent and What is the Nurse’s Role in Obtaining Consent for Treatment?

Nurses are often confused as to what their role is when obtaining consent for treatment. In most employment settings, the employer has [...]

How Does Contract Law Affect Nurses?

Contract law involves promises, either current or in the future, that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law. 1 Contract law [...]

Have You read it Recently?

The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements 1 has been since 2001. It is an important [...]

What is Delegation and to Whom Should I Delegate Aspects of Nursing Care?

One author has stated that the delegation of patient care, the assignment of patient care to another member of the health care team, [...]

What Does it Mean to “Testify Under Oath?”

If you have ever given a deposition, either as a witness or as a named party, in any type of legal proceeding, sworn to an affidavit, [...]

Which is it: Assault or Battery?

The words “assault” and “battery” are often used and often interchanged. However, in the eyes of the law, the two are very different. [...]

How do I Understand a Legal Citation?

In many of the bulletins, I have presented a case and its legal citation for your review. You may have asked “How can I understand [...]

Taking Stock of This Year

It hardly seems possible that another year is about to be over. And, what a year it has been! The world seems to be in a bit of a [...]

Where Do You Keep Your License?

I am always happy to get the hard copy of my professional nurse license in my hands. Even though I renew on time, I am never quite [...]

Defenses to a Professional Negligence Suit

The statute of limitations, discussed in an earlier bulletin, is one of the defenses to a professional negligence action. A second, [...]

I Just Got a Subpoena. What is it?

If you have been required to either go to court to testify as a witness in an on-going professional negligence suit, or you have been [...]

What’s the Difference Between a Complaint and a Summons?

If you have ever been sued for any civil cause of action, you already know the difference between a summons and a complaint.  But for [...]