Monthly Archives: August 2013

Nurses and Mandatory Reporting Laws

Federal and state laws require that certain individuals, particularly those who work in health care, with the elderly, with children, [...]

Happy Nurses Week!

May 6-13, 2013 is National Nurses Week.  This year’s theme is “Delivering Quality and Innovation In Patient Care”. Quality care is [...]

What are the Defenses to Allegations of Assault and Battery?

When a patient alleges that you committed an assault or a battery against him or her, you would probably be fearful that you have few [...]

What is Informed Consent for a Surgical Procedure and was it Obtained?

In Miller v. Markowitz, Dalecki and Memorial Hospital For Cancer & Allied Disease 1, one issue in the case was whether or not the [...]

Are You at Risk for an Allegation of Patient Abandonment?

Many nurses are concerned about patient care situations that may result in an allegation of patient abandonment. It might be helpful to [...]

Was the Extubation of the Patient the Cause of her Death?

In last month’s bulletin, Miller v. Markowitz, Dalecki and Memorial Hospital For Cancer & Allied Disease, 1 was reviewed with a focus [...]

Could Your Conduct be Seen as Outrageous and Extreme?

The tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress is not a common tort . When it “stands alone” as the only allegation in a [...]

Handoffs When You Leave the Unit

You may question the wisdom of leaving patients in the care of another staff member or members when you leave the unit for lunch, when [...]

What is a Nurse Manager’s Liability for Patient Care?

I often get questions about being a “charge nurse” or being a nurse manager on a unit. Many of the nurses who ask this question are [...]