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What if I Object to a Patient Care Situation?

You have probably been in at least one patient care situation that made you uncomfortable for a particular reason or one in which you [...]

Circulating Nurse Has Duty to Ensure Surgery Done on the Correct Anatomical Site

Although there were many issues on appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court in a 2012 case out of Arkansas1, the focus of the case for this [...]

What is Precedent?

In the legal world, the term precedent is an extremely important one. Defined as “a decided case that furnishes a basis for determining [...]

What is Personal Jurisdiction?

Jurisdiction is generally defined as the authority by which a court recognizes and decides cases.1 The regulations defining the many [...]

Delegation of Medical Administration

Delegation of patient care is a constant requirement when caring for patients. Doing so within the parameters of the “Five Rights of [...]

In Memory of A.D.*

I recently received information of the passing of a dear colleague and friend with whom I taught years and years ago in a nursing [...]

Failure to Monitor Patient Condition

Constant monitoring and assessing a patient’s condition is a crucial responsibility of nursing practice in any clinical setting. In a [...]

Multistate Licensure

You may have applied for and were granted nursing licenses in several states as you moved to a new state, started a new job, or [...]

Occupational Health, Nursing Liability and Workers’ Compensation Law

Those of you who are occupational health nurses know the importance of the role you have in a company’s and its employees’ lives. One [...]

Nurse Entrepreneurship and Premises Liability

Those of you who are thinking about establishing your own health care business, either as an advanced practice nurses or as a nurse [...]

Can I Refuse To Care For A Patient Who Has Ebola Or Any Other Viral Disease?

Shortly after two nurses from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas became infected with the Ebola virus after caring for Thomas [...]

“Willful Refusal” to Care for AIDS Patients

You may recall that the last Bulletin discussed whether or not a nurse could refuse to care for a patient with the Ebola virus. [...]