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Licensing Board Issues Warning to Patients who Travel Out of State! (Regarding Telephone Counseling / Psychotherapy)

Suppose that you have been treating or counseling an adult individual, or a couple, or a child for a period of time for a particular [...]

Six FroYo Recipes You’ll Get Hooked on This Summer

Six FroYo Recipes You’ll Get Hooked on This Summer There’s …

5 Ways to Stay Healthy while on Vacation

Tips can help you stay healthy and feel great all summer long. Staying healthy on vacation isn’t hard if you plan ahead. Don’t forget [...]

Insurance Company Records Request

It seems that requests by insurance companies or contractors for insurance companies for copies of client records is on the uptick. [...]

Friday Fitness Feature: Sandy Cochran

Sandy Cochran is a Chicago based fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and nutritionist. Sandy is known for his work with celebrities [...]

Anatomy of a Malpractice Suit

The potential for malpractice among dietitians and other allied healthcare professionals has become a growing concern. Dietitians, in [...]

3 Amazing Smoothies to Fuel Your Summer Workouts

A smoothie is the go to of any true fitness aficionado – right? But the routine can get boring quickly if you don’t mix it up with [...]

July is National Grilling Month: 5 Ways to Eat Healthy during Barbecue Season!

From July 4th all the way through the month (and the summer!) grilling out is a staple of American life. Backyard barbeques, fire pits [...]

Temptations in Clinical Encounters

Our community of psychotherapists has evolved a set of rules for all its members, without exception.  These rules embody decades of [...]

Is Your Workplace Gender Equal?

If you are a nurse manager, an advanced practice registered nurse who has established an independent practice, or a chief nursing [...]

Personal Trainers – Be Careful in Expanding Services

According to recent industry reports from IDEA, many personal trainers are expanding their client service offerings into areas apart [...]

Expert Witness Affidavits Must Contain Specific Facts Either Supporting or Not Supporting Standard of Care

In Griffin v. Methodist Hospital 1, a patient’s lengthy stay in the hospital for numerous fatal medical conditions resulted in the [...]