About CPH & Associates

Who We Are

When you build your own company from the ground up, you get to make choices. You choose the people you hire, you choose the technology that makes your business run—you choose everything, down to the coffee maker.  You get the chance to determine how your company is different than others.

Nineteen years ago, the president of CPH & Associates, Phil Hodson, made these choices. He created the company to provide a competitively priced insurance product without ever compromising the integrity of the program. This focus on integrity has informed every aspect of our business. We don’t just say we put the customer first, we’ve built a program that says it for us. For example:

  • We develop technology to proactively anticipate the needs of our policyholders, rather than follow industry trends. From the application process to retrieving policy documents or making changes, everything is online and available when you need it. Our site is designed upon the idea that there shouldn’t be a lot of back and forth to get what you need. We know that your time is valuable and managing your insurance shouldn’t cut into that
  • In a world filled with automated customer service, CPH & Associates promises you’ll speak to a live agent on the second ring. It’s a boutique experience without the boutique expense

With more than 500,000 policies written, CPH & Associates continues to build a wider net of coverage without forgetting its guiding principles while providing:

  • Professional Liability Insurance for Mental Health Professionals
  • Special Event Insurance
  • Health & Wellness Professional Liability Insurance
  • Life and Health Coach Professional Liability Insurance

We’re confident that the choices we’ve made in shaping our insurance program position us squarely ahead of the pack; not by hubris, but through consistent standards and a commitment to excellence that we carry with us each day — something we refer to as “The CPH Way.”

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