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Boutique Gyms and Drop-in Classes: Good or Bad?

Travel enough, or jump around from gym to gym, and you’ll hear the topic of drop-ins come up a lot.

Return on Your Personal Trainer Insurance Investment

People usually measure value in a dollar amount. It’s a straightforward approach that makes sense and allows us to see a quantifiable return.

Incorporating Nutrition into Your Personal Training Business – You Could be at Risk

Often times as a personal trainer you follow strict guidelines when it comes to nutrition in order to keep your body physically fit and [...]

Have a Heart-Healthy Christmas

‘Tis the season to eat delicious foods, drink and be merry, and, of course, enjoy a plethora of yummy desserts. The holiday season is a [...]

Bodies vs. Machines – Are Your Clients Getting a Balanced Workout?

Some fitness clients eschew machinery, preferring the mat, barre, or free weights to guide their workout routine. Others gravitate [...]

Liability Insurance Can Save Your Career

If you knew there was a way to protect your career as a personal trainer, would you do it? Of course!

Is Online Training a Fad or Here to Stay?

We are living in a time of peak busyness. People are always multi-tasking, on the go, and glued to their phones. Busyness is one of the [...]

Hot Yoga – Best Workout Ever or Too Risky for the Average Gym-Goer?

Since “Guru to the stars” Bikram Choudhury developed the concept in the ‘70s, “hot yoga” has remained popular among a wide range of [...]

Summer Workout Ideas Your Clients will Love

It’s summertime, which means New Year’s Resolutions have long since …

Bootcamp Basics – Protecting Your Students

Boot camps. Whether you have taught a class, have attended a class, or have heard a friend talk about it, you’re familiar with the term.

5 Exercises to Stay Fit this Holiday Season

How much do you exercise a day? According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, fewer than 5% of adults in America [...]

Yoga in the Park? Get Insurance that Covers all of Your Outdoor Workout Classes

The enticing weather during the spring easily draws people outside. All fitness buffs and yogis are no exception to that. Because of [...]

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