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Ebola in the Winter Months

The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is by far the worst Ebola outbreaks in world history, effecting vast regions of Sierra Leone, Guinea and [...]

2014 – A Medical Review

As we are counting down days, then hours, then minutes to the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, the inevitable urge to review the [...]

Does Your Nonprofit Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

Nonprofit organizations are a mainstay of our society. Medical professionals of all kinds run charitable work – but may not realize [...]

How to Identify an Emotionally Abusive Patient

Sometimes exhibited by those who also suffer from a psychological disorder, the indicators of emotional abuse can be present in a [...]

How to Dispose of Electronic Information

With the new HIPAA and HITECH regulations, data must be disposed of physically, (magnetically or physical destruction) or with [...]

Coaching or Counseling: That is the Question!

Under the terms of “coaching” transcript to transcript, a therapist/counselor must be able to prove the differences between coaching [...]

What Is A Claims Made Policy?

When you purchase insurance, you might notice that you have a claims made policy – but what exactly does that mean?

3 Differences Between Claims Made & Occurrence Based Coverage

Claims made? Occurrence? What? Which one is right for me?

Business Associate or Not

The 2014 OCR audit is just around the corner, and you should know where you stand with HIPAA. New changes strike up confusion for many [...]

Is My Email HIPAA Compliant?

One of the biggest liability risks and IT myths that any medical, mental health or allied health professional can face serious [...]

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is one of the biggest areas of question, concern and overall success of medical professionals. We can talk all day [...]

Autism Awareness Month: Understanding The Degrees of Autism

Healthcare providers who work with people diagnosed with the spectrum of autism disorders are among the most highly specialized in the [...]

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