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Are You A Strategic Thinker? Mental and Allied Health Industry Edition

September is International Strategic Thinking month. No, this holiday was not made solely for 007 admirers or chess enthusiasts – but [...]

Do You Know Your Liability Limits?

Professional liability insurance also comes with limits. CPH & Associates offers two options for professional liability insurance [...]

Is Professional Liability Insurance the Same in Every State?

When moving, you generally pack a suitcase or two, load up a truck and head out from point A to point B. You and your stuff are [...]

3 Struggles Every Mental Health Care Provider Faces

Mental health is valued in our society as how well a person functions through their day-to-day tasks. People are viewed as mentally [...]

What Happens When a Therapist Doesn’t Have Insurance?

For therapists it is wise to invest in professional liability insurance. Many agencies require it, however even if it is not required, [...]

When It’s Time To Tell

School Counselors and School Psychologists have a tough job. One of the most difficult challenges is determining when it’s time to get [...]

3 Unusual Lawsuits To Be Aware Of

There are three unusual lawsuits counselors should be aware of. Many people are unfamiliar with these lawsuits, but they could [...]

Avoiding a Lawsuit as a Marriage Counselor

There are several things marriage therapists need to be aware of when providing services for couples who are struggling with their [...]

Divorcing Children From The Blame

Spearheaded by Rosalind Sedacca, July is celebrated as National Child-Centered Divorce Month. Her work is dedicated to bringing [...]

The Exposure of Cyber Coaching on the internet to liability

Even though the world of internet coaching seems limitless, you are still bound to professional ethics, the same as would apply if you [...]

New Protected Health Information Changes From HIPAA

With the new HIPAA guidelines that have been put into action on September 23, 2013, it’s important to understand what changes have been [...]

How Can I Get Quick, Secure Professional Liability Coverage?

Professional Liability Insurance coverage is an essential for every health professional, and not always easily attained. In our [...]

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