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Top Liability Risks for Psychiatrists

Sound, heavily documented care is no doubt one of the top methods of protection when facing claims and working with patients. As a [...]

Are You Exposed? 5 Major Threats to Your Mobile Device

With the ever-changing HIPAA laws, your mobile device may seem more like that imaginary albatross than the simple, social tool the [...]

$4.8 Million HIPAA Security Settlement Is the Largest HIPAA Payout Yet

Settlements in just the first two quarters of 2014 topped out the charts on HIPAA-related lawsuits. Let’s take a look at the top [...]

Mental Illness Awareness Week – Depression

The first and foremost obstacle to overcome in educating the public on the subject of Mental Illness is the stigma associated with [...]

Legal Model for Therapeutic Supervised Parenting Time

In high conflict domestic relations and custody cases, courts often order that a parent may be required to have “therapeutic supervised [...]

Television’s Impact on Emotional Intelligence

Does Netflix Make You a Better Person? A recent study linked television dramas to theory on the mind.

Medicare Turns 48! Check Out How The Healthcare Program Has Matured

This year, in 2013, July 30th marks the 48th birthday of Medicare, America’s government-supported national insurance program.

Guest Blog: 5 Warning Signs that Enabling is Ruining Your Relationships – and You!

Family and friends mean everything to Marissa. And like many women, Marissa was encouraged and rewarded, since childhood, for being [...]

Sandy Hook Elementary School

As we reflect on another mass shooting, we find tragically that in all of the mass killings, which go back to the Oklahoma City Federal [...]

Legal Model for Reintegration Therapy

In domestic relations and custody cases, courts may order that a therapist assist in reuniting a child and parent, when the parent has [...]

3 Things You Should Know About Group or Corporate Policies

Corporate professional liability insurance is a great option for employers and owners of corporate entities who want to guarantee the [...]

CPH & Associates Proudly Announces New Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Program

CPH & Associates, a Chicago-based insurance agency for allied healthcare professionals, has expanded its insurance offerings to include [...]

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