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You be the Jury #3

Thanks to those readers who posted comments about Nurse Jones and Mr. Smith’s care. One comment in particular, that Nurse Jones had [...]

You be the Jury #2

This bulletin continues to evaluate the case presented in an earlier bulletin where Mr. Smith sustained permanent injury to his right [...]

Who Can Be Named in a Suit?

In the last Professional Liability Bulletin, a case adapted from Galvez v. Loma Linda University Medical Center was presented. Several [...]

You be the Jury #1

In previous bulletins, topics such as professional negligence, liability, and the burden of proof have been covered. It might be [...]

Who Has The Burden Of Proof?

There are various rules which apply to a case when a case is filed in court. Such rules result in all parties in the case abiding by [...]

“The Thing Speaks For Itself”

At one time or another, you have probably used this phrase in your everyday conversations with friends, family, and even with nurse [...]

Professional Negligence: A Brief Primer

The first Bulletin covered the topic of liability and briefly discussed a nurse licensee’s potential involvement in several types of [...]

Patient Privacy, Confidentiality and Social Networking

As a nurse, you know the importance of a patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality. These rights are grounded in the law and in [...]

What is Liability Anyway?

During the many years I have been practicing law, one main question—albeit in many forms-- is asked by almost every nurse who has [...]

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