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Child Abuse Reporting 5

… Each state has a child abuse reporting law where licensed mental health practitioners and others are required to report known or [...]

Child Abuse Reporting – An Exception?

… In an interesting case in California, an appeals court has ruled that a defense attorney in a juvenile court matter may hire his or [...]

Child Abuse Reporting – A Dilemma Fully Explored

… While I have written about this topic recently, I was asked to comment on the topic again – that is, the situation where a registered [...]

Confidentiality and Child Abuse Reporting

The duty to report child abuse is one of the exceptions to the practitioner’s legal and ethical duty of confidentiality. Many [...]

Child Neglect / Endangerment

This topic came to mind as the result of three recent news stories from three different states. My immediate thought upon learning of [...]

Business License

Are you required by local law or ordinance to obtain a license to do business in the particular jurisdiction in which you practice?

Contracts – Hold Harmless Clauses

During the course of practicing the profession, therapists and counselors from time to time enter into written contracts or agreements. [...]

Fictitious Business Names

Do not use a fictitious business name (d/b/a) that is false, misleading, or deceptive. While this statement is easily understood, some [...]

Upon “Retirement” – Should You Stay Licensed and Insured?

The inquiry from the reader asks how he can do volunteer work, after he retires, without liability. Most importantly, he wants to use [...]

Antitrust – A Variety of Concerns

Most mental health practitioners are likely not aware of the ins and outs of state and federal antitrust laws – and how these laws may [...]

Disclosure to Patients – “No Court For Me” (?)

Every so often I am told by a mental health professional that somewhere in their disclosure document, their written policy statement, [...]

Avoid These Common Errors

There are some routine and seemingly mundane aspects of practice that licensed persons must attend to in their therapy or counseling [...]

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