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Disciplinary Actions and Family Law Matters

There is a difference between saying that a person (the client) would make a good custodial parent and saying that the child would be [...]

Parental Rights to Access Child’s Records

… When a minor is the identified patient and is being treated by a mental health practitioner, what rights do the parents have to [...]

“Predicting” and Preventing Suicide

While practitioners cannot be expected to reliably “predict” or foretell suicide, competent practitioners are expected to be [...]

Accreditation – Students File Lawsuit Against University

Universities and colleges throughout the country, and programs within these institutions, seek accreditation or other approval from [...]

Treating Children – Selected Legal Issues

Therapists and counselors treat children both with and without the consent of one or both parents. It is not uncommon for practitioners [...]

Treatment Outside of Your Office and Home

The examples of such treatment away from office or home are limitless. While this kind of activity is in my view somewhat common and [...]

The Red Flags Rule

Some of you may not be aware of this federal Rule, while others may have received information about the Rule from any number of [...]

The Red Flags Rule (Revisited) – Congress Fixes “Problem”

I indicated in the June article that it was my view that the FTC went beyond the statute and the intent of Congress, and that there [...]

A Reminder : Honesty & Ethics

The caution is that when testifying about the extent of the mental or emotional harm suffered by a patient, the patient’s attorney may [...]

Termination of Employment: Who “Owns” the Patient?

It is important to review written contracts of employment early and to understand how the issue of termination will affect patients [...]

Termination of Treatment

If the termination of treatment process is not properly carried out, the attempt to end the professional relationship can constitute, [...]

Termination of Treatment

Suppose you are treating a minor, eleven years of age, with the consent of both parents. The court had ordered joint legal custody and [...]

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