Better Safe Than Sorry! Why Interns Need Insurance

Taking the first step out of the classroom and into the real-world working environment is a significant achievement along an intern’s [...]

Case Study Part 1 – June 2015

I’m sure you have all had to care for “problem” patients during your nursing practice. Sometimes you are tempted to ignore their [...]

Putting the “Fun” in Functional Training: Getting Clients on Board and Enthused

Have you been trying to introduce functional training to your …

HIPAA Regulations and Your Practice

The health and privacy rule is part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). It covers the [...]

Case Study Part 2 – July 2015

You may recall that one of June’s bulletins was a case study about Mary Clark, her difficult personal life, and the death of one of the [...]

Fruit and Hydration go Hand in Hand during the Summer Months

Fruit and Hydration go Hand in Hand during the Summer …

Opening a Private Mental Health Practice

Your top need as a mental health private practice owner is the need for malpractice insurance. It is absolutely critical for [...]

Nurse Registry or Agency Work

As has been discussed in prior Professional Liability Bulletins, when a nurse has allegedly injured a patient due to his or her [...]

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) & Emergency Response Concerns for Personal Trainers

In the last column of this CPH Bulletin, we provided several emergency response tips for personal trainers dealing with clients in need [...]

Opening Your Own Practice? Here’s What You Need to Know

Opening your own practice can be an exciting opportunity, but it’s also a lot of work and responsibility. Before you can break out on [...]

Criminal Patient Care in the ED

As an ED nurse, you understand what the ED nurse in the following case1 went through when a patient came to the ED after being shot by [...]

In Recognition of D-Day – Peace, Love, and Yoga

In remembrance of the turning point of the Second World War, D-Day has become synonymous with bravery but is also the reminder that [...]

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