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What is BOP Insurance? 

BOP insurance coverage is a comprehensive, combined policy that protects your business from liability claims and property damage.

Who should have BOP insurance?

You should get a BOP policy for your business:

  • Has assets (your businesses’ or your clients’) that can be damaged or stolen
  • Has a physical location that you rent or own (e.g., offices, shared workspace, apartment building)
  • Has less than $5 million in sales and 50 employees

What does BOP Insurance Include?

BOP policies include 2 primary coverages:

  • General Liability-Claims arising from bodily injury and damage to other peoples property
  • Property Coverage– Coverage to repair or replace your business equipment and property such as computers, tools, desks, chairs and other items used in the operation of your business

What other coverage types are available? 

In addition to general liability and property coverage, business owners may also add to their policy:

  • Terrorism
  • Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employment Related Practices
  • Electronic Data Liability
  • Fine Arts
  • Identity Fraud Expense
  • Discretionary Payroll

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