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Outpatient Mental Health & Allied Health Practices

If your organization provides outpatient mental health or allied health services, please complete the application below. If you have formed a corporation, it is important the corporate name is protected under your insurance policy.

Your policy can be effective as early as the day we receive your application and we will underwrite and process a quote within 48 hours. Payment is due within 30 days of your effective date.

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Benefits of Corporate Coverage

Whether you operate a one-person LLC or large corporation, it’s important to adequately cover your business entity with corporate coverage.

  • Why do one-person businesses need to apply for corporate coverage?
  • If a claim or lawsuit arises from your professional services, it’s possible for your business entity to be named in the lawsuit. An individual policy will not provide any coverage for your business entity for claims, incidents, or lawsuits arising from your professional services.

  • Will a policy under my individual name cover my business if I’m the sole owner?
  • No, an individual policy will only cover you as an individual provider and does not cover your business entity, even if you are the sole owner or employee.

  • Can I simply add my business as an additional insured on my individual policy?
  • No, you cannot add a business entity you own or operate as an additional insured. You must upgrade your policy from individual to corporate coverage in order to appropriately cover your business entity.

  • Will having corporate coverage change my premium?
  • Corporate coverage is rated differently than individual coverage, but does not always guarantee there will be an increase. Your corporate application is subject to underwriting review.

    Program Highlights

    Professional Liability Insurance provides you the following benefits:

    • “Occurrence Form” Coverage: Protects you for your lifetime for incidents that occur while coverage is in force (see FAQ page for more information)
    • $1,000,000 per occurrence / $3,000,000 or $5,000,000 aggregate professional liability limits (higher limits available if required by contract)
    • Unlimited Defense Coverage
    • $35,000 State Licensing Board Defense Coverage included (with options to increase for additional cost)
    • Avoiding Liability Helpline: up to 2 free hours of consultation with an attorney per policy period for legal questions related to an existing situation with a client that is not otherwise covered under the policy benefits
    • Deposition Expense Coverage
    • Portability: Your coverage follows you within the 50 domestic U.S. states wherever your license allows you to legally practice
    • Medical Expense Coverage
    • First Aid Coverage
    • Assault Coverage
    • Defendant’s Reimbursements
    • Supplemental Liability

    For more detailed limits and a brief description of each of the policy highlights listed above, click here!

    Mental Health   Policy Specimen

    Protect Your Business with CPH TOP™ Coverage

    General Liability Coverage

    Limits of Liability: $1,000,000 each occurrence / $3,000,000 aggregate

    Also known as “Slip and Fall” or “Premises Liability" coverage.


    Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability (for damage to the premises rented to you)
    Host Liquor Liability
    Personal Liability
    $250,000 for Fire & Water Legal Liability (damage to the rented premises)

    Business Personal Property Coverage

    Limits of Liability: $15,000
    Deductible: $500

    This covers damage to your property and property of others that is in your care, custody or control.


    $50,000 Identity Theft Expense
    $50,000 Emergency Real Estate Consulting Fee
    $25,000 Temporary Meeting Space Reimbursement
    $50,000 Workplace Violence Counseling
    $50,000 Image Restoration and Counseling AND MORE…

    *Property coverage not available in Florida

    CPH TOP Policy Specimen  Download Acrobat PDF

    Student Blanket Coverage for University Programs

    The Student Blanket Professional Liability Insurance provides comprehensive financial protection against incidents involving students.

    This policy includes:

    • Generous occurrence and aggregate limits
    • Faculty members covered for supervision of students
    • Legal defense costs in addition to the limit of liability
    • Optional coverage naming School or university as an additional insured

    Please email our office at for an application.

    Mental Health   Policy Specimen

    Health & Wellness Businesses
    If you are an owner of a health and fitness business entity, club, studio or facility, complete the below group application online or by paper.

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    Apply By Paper

    Please send your completed application to or fax to 312-987-0902. We will underwrite and process a quote within 48 hours.

    Health & Life Coaching Businesses

    If you are the owner of a Health & Life Coaching Business, click here to complete your application online.

    Have Questions? click here, We’re happy to help!