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Determining Whether You Should File a Professional Liability Insurance Claim

Filing a claim as a mental health practitioner sometimes involves a little bit of forethought, similar to anticipating moves during a [...]

Are You A Strategic Thinker? Mental and Allied Health Industry Edition

September is International Strategic Thinking month. No, this holiday was not made solely for 007 admirers or chess enthusiasts – but [...]

Do You Know Your Liability Limits?

Professional liability insurance also comes with limits. CPH & Associates offers two options for professional liability insurance [...]

Is Professional Liability Insurance the Same in Every State?

When moving, you generally pack a suitcase or two, load up a truck and head out from point A to point B. You and your stuff are [...]

What Happens When a Therapist Doesn’t Have Insurance?

For therapists it is wise to invest in professional liability insurance. Many agencies require it, however even if it is not required, [...]

How Can I Get Quick, Secure Professional Liability Coverage?

Professional Liability Insurance coverage is an essential for every health professional, and not always easily attained. In our [...]

Adding on to Your Policy – When to Add an Additional Insured & How to Do It!

There are two types of add-ons you can make to tailor your policy to your needs. It’s important to keep your professional liability [...]

5 Exclusions on Professional Liability Insurance Policies

Insurance companies over the years have created several types of insurance policies. Some policies cover a broad spectrum of scenarios; [...]

There’s a Policy For That!

Is there a policy out there that fits my needs, understands the intricacies of my industry and can offer professional liability [...]

Behavior Analysis Insurance

CPH & Associates is pleased to announce new professional liability insurance for behavior specialists. Occupations now covered include [...]

3 Reasons to Renew Your Professional Liability Insurance Early

Allied healthcare providers have enough on their plates, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Maybe a family emergency happens [...]

3 Reasons Nutritionists Need Professional Liability Insurance

Nutritionists and dietitians play a key role in the health and well-being of their patients. There are several different claims of [...]

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