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Exclusions of Professional Liability Insurance Policies

Errors and omissions insurance is also known as professional liability insurance, which protects the allied healthcare professional in [...]

3 Things You Should Know About Group or Corporate Policies

Corporate professional liability insurance is a great option for employers and owners of corporate entities who want to guarantee the [...]

Are You Adding Coaching or Counseling to Your Practice? Don’t Miss These 6 Essential Steps!

Professional expertise can only improve the value of your practice! Coaching and counseling are some of the top ways to do that. [...]

Does Your Nonprofit Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

Nonprofit organizations are a mainstay of our society. Medical professionals of all kinds run charitable work – but may not realize [...]

What Is A Claims Made Policy?

When you purchase insurance, you might notice that you have a claims made policy – but what exactly does that mean?

3 Differences Between Claims Made & Occurrence Based Coverage

Claims made? Occurrence? What? Which one is right for me?

Make Changes to Your Current Policy: A How-to Guide

Making changes to your policy is simple and unlike most policies, there’s no hassle of filling out mountains of additional paperwork or [...]

Individual or Group Policy – Which One to Choose and Why?

There are a few fundamental differences between an individual and group policy with CPH Insurance. Reasons to choose a group policy include:

Protecting Your Tail: Your Time Machine for Claims and Coverage

In this edition of our blog, we want to enlighten you as to our most specialized and lesser known coverage options – most [...]

Sanity Saving Coverage

As a professional in either the Mental Health or Allied Health industry, one must ask themselves “Am I covered in the event of a [...]

Ethics Complaints

With respect to the fairness of the procedures, each organization should ensure that the process used by its ethics committee (or other [...]

Upon “Retirement” – Should You Stay Licensed and Insured?

The inquiry from the reader asks how he can do volunteer work, after he retires, without liability. Most importantly, he wants to use [...]

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