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Immunity From Liability

Most child abuse reporting laws provide immunity from liability for those mandated reporters who make a child abuse report that is [...]

Child Abuse Reporting 4

… Are you required to report child abuse if your patient tells you of the abuse and that it has already been reported? The answer to [...]

Child Abuse Reporting 5

… Each state has a child abuse reporting law where licensed mental health practitioners and others are required to report known or [...]

Child Abuse Reporting – An Exception?

… In an interesting case in California, an appeals court has ruled that a defense attorney in a juvenile court matter may hire his or [...]

Child Abuse Reporting – A Dilemma Fully Explored

… While I have written about this topic recently, I was asked to comment on the topic again – that is, the situation where a registered [...]

Confidentiality and Child Abuse Reporting

The duty to report child abuse is one of the exceptions to the practitioner’s legal and ethical duty of confidentiality. Many [...]

Child Neglect / Endangerment

This topic came to mind as the result of three recent news stories from three different states. My immediate thought upon learning of [...]

Avoid These Mistakes

This item addresses some areas of practice where a mistake (error) could lead to substantial consequences.

Do You Know Your ABC’s…?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 2013

Alphabet Soup for the New Year (2014)

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - January 2014

Avoiding Liability – Revisiting Some Basics

This article will address, more broadly, the very title of this monthly column – “avoiding liability.” Seemingly, all therapists and [...]

Alphabet Soup (A through M) – A Potpourri of Issues/Questions

The following questions and information are intended to stimulate thought, research, and discussion. I will address some of these [...]

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