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How Loud Is Too Loud? Plus Mental Health Tips for Noise Awareness Day!

Tomorrow is the 19th International Noise Awareness Day! Noise has wide and often unforeseen (er… heard?) impacts on mental health and [...]

Mental Illness Awareness Week – Depression

The first and foremost obstacle to overcome in educating the public on the subject of Mental Illness is the stigma associated with [...]

Television’s Impact on Emotional Intelligence

Does Netflix Make You a Better Person? A recent study linked television dramas to theory on the mind.

Medicare Turns 48! Check Out How The Healthcare Program Has Matured

This year, in 2013, July 30th marks the 48th birthday of Medicare, America’s government-supported national insurance program.

It’s Love, Love, Love!

At the risk of bursting the romantic Valentine’s Day bubble, we wanted to know what happens chemically in our bodies when we are in [...]

Parent Leadership Month – How School Counselors Can Help Parents

February is National Parent Leadership Month and a time to recognize the importance that parents play in the lives of their children [...]

CPH & Associates at the 50th Annual CAMFT Conference!

The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, or CAMFT, spent the last 50 years providing excellence and high standards [...]

National Mentoring Month – How to Get Involved

Since 2002, January has been officially designated as National Mentoring Month. It is a time when individuals from across the country [...]

How to Identify an Emotionally Abusive Patient

Sometimes exhibited by those who also suffer from a psychological disorder, the indicators of emotional abuse can be present in a [...]

Autism Awareness Month: Understanding The Degrees of Autism

Healthcare providers who work with people diagnosed with the spectrum of autism disorders are among the most highly specialized in the [...]

Coloring Books: Not Just for Kids

Remember the childhood days of spending hours carefully coloring in the pages of a color book with crayons and markers? According to [...]

Definition of Psychotherapy

Some state laws or regulations dealing with scope of practice/scope of license, privilege, insurance reimbursement, or some other topic [...]

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