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Confidentiality and HIPAA

… How do your state laws interact with HIPAA regulations, primarily the “Privacy Rule?” What efforts are being made in your state to [...]


… What is the right of a therapist or counselor to communicate with other health care providers or facilities without the patient’s [...]

Breach of Confidentiality – How Much Accountability and to Whom

… Confidentiality is the primary cornerstone of psychotherapy. Without the promise of confidentiality, patients and clients would be [...]

HIV / AIDS and Confidentiality

… Your client tells you that he has just tested positively for HIV/AIDS. Is this information entitled to the confidentiality that other [...]


… While confidentiality is generally considered to be a cornerstone of psychotherapy, most mental health practitioners realize that [...]

Communication With Other Health Professionals

… While much has been written about confidentiality over the years, I was recently reminded of the reality that many licensed mental [...]

Crimes and Confidentiality

In the December 2014 issue of the Avoiding Liability Bulletin I asked a series of questions related to past criminal acts committed by [...]

Duty to Warn

Media coverage of the March 2015 tragic airplane crash in the French Alps once again brought to the fore the related issues of a [...]

Confidentiality: Some Basics Revisited

For those who care about their profession as a psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, mental health or professional counselor [...]

Confidentiality – Insurance Reimbursement

The duty of confidentiality is often on the minds of practitioners when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and insurance [...]

Fictitious Business Names

Do not use a fictitious business name (d/b/a) that is false, misleading, or deceptive. While this statement is easily understood, some [...]

Barter, Neglect, Violence Towards Patients, and Patient Outings

In the February 2014 issue of the AVOIDING LIABILITY BULLETIN, I raised many questions for the reader’s thought, research, and [...]

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