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Are You Exposed? 5 Major Threats to Your Mobile Device

With the ever-changing HIPAA laws, your mobile device may seem more like that imaginary albatross than the simple, social tool the [...]

$4.8 Million HIPAA Security Settlement Is the Largest HIPAA Payout Yet

Settlements in just the first two quarters of 2014 topped out the charts on HIPAA-related lawsuits. Let’s take a look at the top [...]

Is My Email HIPAA Compliant?

One of the biggest liability risks and IT myths that any medical, mental health or allied health professional can face serious [...]

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is one of the biggest areas of question, concern and overall success of medical professionals. We can talk all day [...]

Regulatory Boards – Enforcement

I was recently reading some proposed rules – more specifically – “disciplinary guidelines” and “uniform standards related to substance [...]

Confidentiality – Peer Group Communications

When participating in peer group communications, whether a more formal or structured listserv, or an informal group of mental health [...]

A Reminder : Honesty & Ethics

The caution is that when testifying about the extent of the mental or emotional harm suffered by a patient, the patient’s attorney may [...]

Records – Stolen, Lost or Destroyed

The primary fear of the therapist or counselor when records are lost or stolen is that confidential information will be seen by a third [...]

Records – Removal of Information From File

Does the therapist or counselor ever (under any circumstances) have a right or is it ever permissible to remove documents or [...]

“Psychotherapy Notes” And “Psychotherapy Records”

… A reader has asked me to “write a column discussing the difference between psychotherapy RECORDS and psychotherapy NOTES addressing [...]

Treatment Records – Providing a Summary

What right, if any, does a mental health practitioner in your state have to provide the patient with a summary of the treatment records [...]

Amending/Correcting Records

A reader asked me to comment on how corrections should be made in a patient’s treatment records when a mistake or error has been [...]

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