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When It’s Time To Tell

School Counselors and School Psychologists have a tough job. One of the most difficult challenges is determining when it’s time to get [...]

3 Unusual Lawsuits To Be Aware Of

There are three unusual lawsuits counselors should be aware of. Many people are unfamiliar with these lawsuits, but they could [...]

Avoiding a Lawsuit as a Marriage Counselor

There are several things marriage therapists need to be aware of when providing services for couples who are struggling with their [...]

The Exposure of Cyber Coaching on the internet to liability

Even though the world of internet coaching seems limitless, you are still bound to professional ethics, the same as would apply if you [...]

How Can I Get Quick, Secure Professional Liability Coverage?

Professional Liability Insurance coverage is an essential for every health professional, and not always easily attained. In our [...]

Professional Liability in the Addictions Field

Since it is both difficult to treat and understand, it is easy for the victims of drug abuse to claim negligence, misrepresentation or [...]

Preventing a False Malpractice Claim

Many times in a mental health, we as professionals experience encounters with patients who perceived slights against them when in [...]

Human Errors Happen in Healthcare More Often Than You Think

Overall, you feel pretty good about the crew you work with, and while you hate to think about the possibilities of what could go wrong, [...]

Your Patient has Harmed Themselves. Are You Covered?

When your patient who has been in your care and has trusted your advice harms him/herself, are you liable?

Confidentiality and Your Clients – Mistakes That Can Lead to a Lawsuit

The highest standard a healthcare practitioner can hold onto, other than administering the best level of care, is confidentiality and [...]

Avoid Paying Through the Nose on Professional Liability Insurance

The nose knows. More aptly, at CPH & Associates, the nose can help you in covering yourself if an incident has occurred before the [...]

5 Simple Steps To Filing A CPH Insurance Claim

At CPH & Associates we understand that an insurance claim is more than a hassle, often times it’s your professional license or [...]

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