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Treatment of Children – Joint Legal Custody

In the September 2017 issue of this Avoiding Liability Bulletin, I raised a number of questions concerning situations involving the [...]

TERMINATION – Disclosures to Patient

One of the critical times in the therapist-patient relationship comes at termination. Much can go wrong if the termination is not [...]

Brief Reminders / Questions For New Year

Advocacy: Do you consider yourself to be an advocate for your clients? Is advocacy a part of your legal or ethical responsibilities or [...]

Termination of Employment: Who “Owns” the Patient?

It is important to review written contracts of employment early and to understand how the issue of termination will affect patients [...]

Duty to the Patient – Termination of Treatment and Understanding Your Patient – Therapist Relationship and Expectations

… If the termination of treatment process is not properly carried out, the attempt to end the professional relationship can constitute, [...]

Termination Of Therapy When the Client Stops Attending Sessions

If clients “stop coming” to therapy, that suggests to me that there was a unilateral and perhaps un-communicated termination by the [...]

Patient Management Upon Risk of Termination: Offering One or More Free Sessions

The offer of one or more free termination sessions is something that therapists have used with patients regarding termination risk [...]

Avoiding Liability – Quick Tips and Reminders

The following reminders / topics are not in order of importance and are only brief comments about a variety of issues – most of which I [...]

The Dangerous Patient

... The topic of dangerous patient bears revisiting from time to time, both because there are new readers and because the topic is [...]

Closing a Mental Health Practice

… A reader suggested that I address this subject, and upon reflection, I realized that in my many years of writing articles regarding [...]

The Alphabet – Some Hints On Avoiding Liability

I thought I might have a bit of fun going back to my ABCs and that you might find some of these brief items helpful. Perhaps you can [...]

“An Alphabet of Reminders, Information…”

A . Always remember to renew your license and your malpractice insurance policy. Practicing without a license or malpractice insurance, [...]

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