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The Dangerous Patient

... The topic of dangerous patient bears revisiting from time to time, both because there are new readers and because the topic is [...]

Closing a Mental Health Practice

… A reader suggested that I address this subject, and upon reflection, I realized that in my many years of writing articles regarding [...]

The Alphabet – Some Hints On Avoiding Liability

I thought I might have a bit of fun going back to my ABCs and that you might find some of these brief items helpful. Perhaps you can [...]

“An Alphabet of Reminders, Information…”

A . Always remember to renew your license and your malpractice insurance policy. Practicing without a license or malpractice insurance, [...]

Do You Know Your ABC’s…?

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - August 2013

Alphabet Soup for the New Year (2014)

Avoiding Liability Bulletin - January 2014

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