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Nurses and Mandatory Reporting Laws

Federal and state laws require that certain individuals, particularly those who work in health care, with the elderly, with children, [...]

The State Nurse Practice Act, Nursing Ethics and School Nursing Practice

School nursing is an interesting, challenging and rewarding specialty of nursing practice. Providing nursing care to students of all [...]

Have You read it Recently?

The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements 1 has been since 2001. It is an important [...]

What Does it Mean to “Testify Under Oath?”

If you have ever given a deposition, either as a witness or as a named party, in any type of legal proceeding, sworn to an affidavit, [...]

Which is it: Assault or Battery?

The words “assault” and “battery” are often used and often interchanged. However, in the eyes of the law, the two are very different. [...]

How do I Understand a Legal Citation?

In many of the bulletins, I have presented a case and its legal citation for your review. You may have asked “How can I understand [...]

Why Does Continuing Education Help With Risk Management?

In recent years, many states have required licensed nurses, sometimes including all levels of licensure, to complete continuing [...]

What Discipline Can a Board of Nursing Impose Against a Nurse Licensee?

If allegations against a nurse are proven, or he or she admits to the allegations, a board of nursing has the authority to discipline [...]

What Conduct by a Nurse Licensee Would Allow the Board of Nursing to Take Disciplinary Action Against a Nurse?

This bulletin discusses some of the grounds upon which a board can take disciplinary action against a nurse if they are proven.

What Rights do Nurses Have When Appearing Before the Board of Nursing?

The protections afforded a nurse licensee who has allegedly violated the nurse practice act or its rules and must answer to the state [...]

Patient Privacy, Confidentiality and Social Networking

As a nurse, you know the importance of a patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality. These rights are grounded in the law and in [...]

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