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Emergency Response: Calling 911 – Delay or Failure Can Result in Needless Suit

From a professional perspective, it seems rather clear that personal fitness trainers and other service providers in the fitness [...]

“Suicide Runs” Directed By Personal Trainer Result In Client Injury And Lawsuit

According to the allegations of a recent lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania federal court, a 61 year old client of a personal trainer [...]

Fitness Equipment And Liability Issues For Personal Trainers

Virtually all fitness professionals, personal trainers included, use fitness equipment in their exercise programs for clients. Such [...]

Providing Personal Training Services Off-Site

locations. In this latter situation, services are sometimes provided in client homes or in/adjacent to mobile fitness vehicles, or [...]

Personal Trainers and Nutritional Supplements – Sell or Don’t Sell?

The sale of vitamins, nutritional supplements, sports drinks and other similar consumables is big business in the United States. By [...]


Thousands of personal trainers in this country are providing personal training services to numerous clients through a number of [...]

Personal Trainers – Be Careful in Expanding Services

According to recent industry reports from IDEA, many personal trainers are expanding their client service offerings into areas apart [...]

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) & Emergency Response Concerns for Personal Trainers

In the last column of this CPH Bulletin, we provided several emergency response tips for personal trainers dealing with clients in need [...]

Legal & Risk Management Concerns for Fitness Professionals

So far in 2015, at least two significant cases against …

Recent Verdict Against Personal Trainer – Lessons to be Learned

The Litigation In April of this year, a jury in …

Is Practical Training and Testing Necessary for Personal Trainers?

At the turn of the 21st century, a number of …

Scope of Practice Issues for Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals are presently not regulated by any United States …

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