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Fitness Standard of Care

In recent years the personal training industry has been growing rapidly. According to the National Strength and Conditioning [...]

WITS Webinar: Exercise Equipment Injuries and Claims and Suits – Defending Against Litigation

Creating equipment records of your regulatory gym equipment inspections may assist in the defense against exercise equipment injury [...]

Boutique Gyms and Drop-in Classes: Good or Bad?

Travel enough, or jump around from gym to gym, and you’ll hear the topic of drop-ins come up a lot.

How Boutique Gyms are Changing the Fitness Industry

A whopping 67% of gym memberships are never used, according to a recent study done by Berkeley undergraduates. While the first of every [...]

ClassPass Pros and Cons for Boutique Gyms

ClassPass started out in a couple of major cities with a handful of participating gyms, and has now expanded to suburbs and fitness [...]

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