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The Importance of Equipment Safety

Over the last 10 years, the fitness industry has introduced a variety of new fitness equipment ranging from fancy treadmills to [...]

Physical Fitness Facilitates Recovery

When someone is recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important that they replace unhealthy attitudes and routines with new [...]

Fitness Could be the Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

June 13-19 is Men’s Health Week, and June 19 is Father’s Day. What better time to give dear old dad a healthy gift that will encourage [...]

Is Online Training a Fad or Here to Stay?

We are living in a time of peak busyness. People are always multi-tasking, on the go, and glued to their phones. Busyness is one of the [...]

Summer Bootcamp Workout Tips

A great way to kick start a couch-potato’s summer fitness routine is with a boot camp style workout! “Drilling” students like soldiers [...]

Love Your Selfies

Also known as National Lover’s Day, Valentine’s Day is seen as the most superficially romantic day of the year. For those who don’t [...]

No Cure for the Couch Potato, Really?

Ok, so let’s talk about exercise for little bit… Not the crazy weightlifting, scary marathon exercise but something much simpler. As [...]

5 Ways To Exercise At Home

Wouldn’t it be stupendous to be able to enjoy all of the benefits of going to the gym without actually having to go to the gym and use [...]

3 Moves For Sexy Toned Abs

Everyone wants a sexy, toned stomach, but we all know how difficult that can be. We have all tried crunches in an effort to lose that [...]

Weightlifting — The Myths

The days are getting longer, the allergies are starting to show their seasonal faces, and the temperature is getting warmer. The winter [...]

How to Tackle That Scary, Intimidating Gym: Part 1

Regardless of what the reason is, whether it’s to look a bit tighter in the midsection with summer coming up, to get in shape for that [...]

How to Tackle That Scary, Intimidating Gym: Part 2

Last week, we wrote about what it takes to get over the fear and intimidation of gyms, and how to make going to the gym as pain-free [...]

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