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What’s the Deal With Shin Splints?

If you are a runner, or play any kind of sport that involves running, there is a very good chance you’ve experienced a strange, [...]

How Is Your Eye Health? Observing National Eye Exam Month

August is the hottest month – we’re drenched in sweat, getting the most exposure to sunlight and consequently, UV ray exposure. In the [...]

Rebuilding Your Life One Decision At A Time

Every day we make hundreds of decisions. From what we wear when getting dressed in the morning to what we eat for dinner, we’re [...]

Goodbye Tupperware, Hello Plastic Scare

The trend of plastic-phobia is reaching global craze. By now, it’s not just the nutritionists who are familiar with Bisphenol A, or [...]

Love Your Heart With These Fitness & Nutrition Tips:

February is a month known for its celebration of heart, romance and love. It is also the month to make your heart healthy! When it [...]

How Much Sleep Is Healthy, After All?

When we were young, going to bed was a chore that we fought against as much as we could. After all, all the coolest television [...]

How Kissing Burns Calories

Kissing someone special is arguably one of the best feelings in the world. The troubles of the world fade away, and you’re in a [...]

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