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Karen Donadio, Aqua Instructor in Mount Pleasant, SC

I was inspired by Karen Donadio’s entrepreneurial spirit and positive energy. Having studied Physical Therapy at Northeastern [...]

Michele Clark, Health Educator in Atlanta, GA

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our insureds from the Atlanta, GA, area. Michele Clark is a Health Educator who completed a [...]

Rick Rubio: Kona’s Mobile Personal Trainer

I recently opened a business in Kona, Hawaii called Kona Fitness. I have been active my whole life. I grew up in San Francisco in the [...]

Spotlight Interview – Karim Tonsy

Karim believes that the most rewarding aspect of his career, hands down, is when a client leaves with a smile on their face

Spotlight Interview – Dori Beals

The most rewarding aspect of Dori’s career is when her students feel really good about themselves and their accomplishments. Whenever [...]

Spotlight Interview – Brian Hemping

Background information – What fitness career do you currently hold? …

Ryne Robinson – Spotlight Interview

Background Information: Ryne is a Head Trainer for Burn Boot …

Trainer Spotlight – Ryan Morton

Ryan has been practicing yoga for about 6 years, but …

Spotlight Interview – Alexis Koutoulakos

What do you do/What services do you provide? I am …

Fitness Friday – Yamile Coto

Spotlight Interview – Yamile Coto When did you start working …

Fitness Friday – Spotlight on Joe Moore

Spotlight Interview – Joe Moore Joe is currently an in-home …

BollyX® Spotlight: Interview with Fen Tung, Product Director of BollyX®

BollyX® is a Bollywood-inspired cardio dance fitness program that encompasses …

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