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Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Client’s Workout Outdoors

While you can't beat the convenience of the treadmill and elliptical, there's nothing quite like working out in the sunshine. Fitness [...]

Is My Gym’s Liability Waiver Enough?

As a wellness or fitness professional, protecting your professional practice should be top of mind. Even with regular inspections, [...]

In Recognition of D-Day – Peace, Love, and Yoga

In remembrance of the turning point of the Second World War, D-Day has become synonymous with bravery but is also the reminder that [...]

Hot Yoga – Best Workout Ever or Too Risky for the Average Gym-Goer?

Since “Guru to the stars” Bikram Choudhury developed the concept in the ‘70s, “hot yoga” has remained popular among a wide range of [...]

Yoga in the Park? Get Insurance that Covers all of Your Outdoor Workout Classes

The enticing weather during the spring easily draws people outside. All fitness buffs and yogis are no exception to that. Because of [...]

How WellFit Pros Celebrate World Yoga Day

Yogis and students, did you know that this Sunday, September 20th, 2015, is World Yoga Day? The practice of Yoga has long been touted [...]

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