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CPH & Associates is proud to serve Colorado Counseling Association members in support of mental health professional growth and stability. Having served mental health professionals for 20 years, CPH & Associates insures students, provisionally licensed interns and fully licensed professionals with malpractice insurance.

As a member of CCA, students are granted complimentary insurance. To activate, please refer to your welcome email from CCA for the custom link to register your insurance policy online.

Post Masters, interns under supervision, provisionally licensed, or associate level professionals who have not gained full licensure qualify for coverage with CPH & Associates at a base premium of $90. CCA members have a reduced administrative fee ($10 as opposed to $20) – a $10 savings! To receive that reduced admin fee, it’s imperative to select CCA from the “Select your Professional Association” drop down menu.

Fully licensed mental health professionals (Counselors, LPCs, Psychologists, LCSWs, LMHCs, etc.) are rated based off of the following:

  • Occupation
  • Employment type (employed or self-employed) and
  • Number of hours worked / week (on a self-employed basis)

You may explore the CPH & Associates “Quick Quote” by inputting the information above and yielding a premium summary without submitting any of your personal information. Once again, CCA members have a reduced administrative fee ($10 as opposed to $20) – a $10 savings! To receive that reduced admin fee, it’s imperative to select CCA from the “Select your Professional Association” drop down menu.

CPH & Associates can also insure your registered business entity (LLC, PLLC, SCORP, etc.) associated with your mental health practice. Whether you operate a single-owner LLC with no employees or large corporation, it’s important to adequately cover your business entity with business entity professional liability insurance.  By insuring your business entity, your individual self, as the owner, is assumed coverage. You would not need an individual policy separate from your business entity policy. Click here for a business entity malpractice insurance quote.

Coverage Highlights

  • Lifetime, Portable Occurrence Coverage
  • Unlimited Defense Coverage
  • $35,000 State Licensing Board Defense Coverage (with options to increase)
  • Option to add Cyber Liability, General Liability and Business Personal Property Coverage (Optional coverages are not available in certain states. Please navigate our online application to tailor your coverage according to what’s available based on your practice needs)

Why CPH & Associates?

  • Easy-to-use online application and customer portal with 24/7 real-time policy changes and document access
  • Exceptional customer service with no automated phone menus
  • Avoiding Liability Resources: 2 free hours of legal consultation (per policy year) for situations that may result in a malpractice claim

There Are Even More Ways to Save!

Additional discounts offered in addition to the CCA member administrative fee reduction are as follows:

Online Discount
Save 5% off your professional liability premium just for completing the application online. This discount is not available to applicants in the states of Tennessee and Maine.

Risk Management Discount
Save 10% off your professional liability premium for completing your state’s Legal and Ethical CEU requirement for licensure renewal. If your state doesn’t have a requirement you can still save if you have taken 4 Law or Ethics CEUs within 2 years of your effective date. This discount applies only to fully licensed professionals.

Newly Licensed Discount
If you are newly licensed or certified (for the first time) within 36 months, you may be eligible for a newly licensed discount:

  • 50% off your professional liability premium if within the first year of licensure
  • 25% off if licensed or certified within 24 months of licensure
  • ONLY Licensed Clinical Psychologists are eligible to receive 15% off their professional liability premium if licensed within 36 months of licensure




The CPH Way: What Makes Us Different

Because our business is specialized, we are able to focus on your liability needs in a way that bigger companies are not. Our team of associates represent over 50 years of collective experience in this field, and we are able to serve a large client base while maintaining a small-office approach.


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