Coverage Highlights


  • Order of payments language with priority placed on indemnifying Individual Insureds first
  • Full severability for Individual Insureds; enhanced for the entity by naming Executive Officers
  • Personal & Advertising Injury coverage
  • Outside Directorship Liability (ODL) for 501(c)(3) non-profit entities and endorsed outside entities

Employment Practices Liability

Comprehensive 17 point definition of Employment Practices Act which includes retaliation, wrongful discipline, constructive discharge, breach of employment contract, and much more.

  • Third Party coverage
  • EPL limits can be shared or purchased as a separate limit
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress carve-backs
  • Broad definition of Individual Insured includes leased employees
  • Independent contractor included as an Individual Insured

Fiduciary Liability

  • Coverage available for all pension benefit and welfare benefit plans as defined by ERISA
  • Omnibus Welfare Plan coverage
  • Coverage includes any actual or alleged violation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the administration of any Benefit Plan

Additional Features include:

Bell Endorsement

$50,000 limits each for Business Travel Accident Benefit, Donation Assurance, Emergency Real Estate Consulting Fee, Identity Theft Expense, Image Restoration and Counseling, Key Individual Replacement Expenses, Kidnap Expense, Terrorism Travel Reimbursement, and Workplace Violence Counseling.

$25,000 limits for each Conference Cancellation, Fundraising Event Blackout, Political Unrest ($5,000 per employee), Temporary Meeting Space Reimbursement, and $1,500 Travel Delay Reimbursement

Crisis Management Enhancement Endorsement

$25,000 limit for crisis management emergency response expenses incurred because of an incident giving rise to a “crisis”

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