Don’t Skip Lunch – Try These Amazing Boxed Lunches

Skipping lunch can become a bad habit, but some days it’s hard to remember to either pack a lunch or get out of the office to pick something up. Brown bagging it can get boring quickly, and the break room fridge is always prone to lunch thieves… if you spend the time to make something really good, it may not last until your break.

Perhaps that’s why boxed lunches are becoming a bigger craze with each passing year. Just a quick look around some of the country’s biggest cities reveals a number of creative delis and sit-down restaurants offering a build your own boxed lunch that you can pick up on the fly – and some even deliver right to your place of employment.

Jason’s Deli offers a wide variety of options for their boxed lunch. Choose from turkey, roast beef, ham, tuna or chicken salad, and get chips, a pickle, and a dessert in a basic box lunch, or step things up a notch and go vegan, gluten free, spinach wrap, or deluxe (with pasta or fruit salad sides).

Panera Bread has also hopped on board the boxed lunch train and now offers their variety of sandwiches or salads along with a cookie, or split the meal with a half salad and half sandwich if you live in the greater KC area.

The Black Sheep in Jacksonville, FL., has a unique boxed lunch menu that includes a Duck Bahn Sandwich and a Fried Green Tomato BLT. You also get chips or potato salad and a bottle of water, plus a cookie.

Katz’s Deli in Houston, TX., provides pastrami, corned beef, and Reuben lovers with a New York style fix for their cravings. You can also get a Philly Cheesesteak, a Scottish Smoked Salmon, a Yankee Pot Roast, or a Chicken Hero, complete with chips, a pickle, coleslaw and a cookie.

OYSY in Chicago, IL., creates sushi bento boxes that will blow your mind. These lunch boxes are touted as inexpensive, delicious, and filling – without leaving you feeling bloated for the rest of the afternoon.

L.Y.F.E. in Palo Alto, CA., offers wraps ranging from Buffalo Chicken to Quinoa Crunch – with a favorite being the Forbidden Falafel. Wraps come with salad and a cookie, and they also have gluten free or vegan options.

Check your area for delis and other establishments offering boxed lunches. It’s a great way to try new, healthy foods you might never have a chance to sample otherwise.

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