Festivals and Fairs are events enjoyed by people of all walks of life. From music festivals, to art fairs, to street fests, people typically attend and enjoy festivals/fairs that relate to one of their hobbies or areas of interests.

Festivals have many moving parts for the event organizer: vendors, food, alcohol, performers, and ticketing just to name just a few. Festival insurance is a much needed risk reducing requirement for anyone organizing and putting on a festival/fair no matter the size. This type of insurance provides coverage for liability from bodily injury and property damage resulting from your event. Special Event insurance premiums start at $175 and varies depending on the event type and size of the event.

All vendors should be required to purchase a separate exhibitor / vendor insurance policy. This coverage protects both parties from injury/ damage that may occur during an event. This is especially important when the vendor / exhibitor and the Festival are named in a lawsuit.

The festival venue may require event insurance proof of coverage prior to booking for the event. Upon request, CPH will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance to meet this requirement once an Event policy is purchased.

We insure cultural festivals, art festivals, film festivals, craft fairs, fairs and more! For a full list of event types, click here!

Festival Insurance Key Benefits:

  • Premiums start at $175 and vary based on event type and size
  • Easy online application! Instant quotes for most events
  • Pay online and your policy documents are e-mailed to you within minutes
  • General Liability Policy Limits: $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate limit (Bodily Injury/Property Damage)(Host Liquor Liability Included)
  • Liquor Liability (Optional coverage)
  • Damage to Premises rented to you




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