Festivals are events enjoyed by people of all walks of life. From music festivals, to art festivals, to street fests, people typically attend and enjoy festivals that relate to one of their hobbies or areas of interests.

Festivals include a lot of moving parts for the event organizer: vendors, food, alcohol, performers, and ticketing are among the few. Festival insurance is a much needed risk reducing requirement for anyone organizing and putting on a festival no matter the size.

Event insurance for festivals is important to obtain for many reasons. Festival insurance protects should an accident occur to someone or to the property where the festival is being held. If an event attendee gets hurt or sick and names you in a lawsuit, the benefits of event insurance will pay off. For example, if an event attendee slips and falls while at the event or trips over an extension cord, festival insurance will kick in to defend the festival or organizer, should they be held liable.

Festival insurance also protects the festival should an accident occur on the property where the festival is being held. For example if one of the attendees breaks one of the tables provided by the venue – event insurance for festivals will kick in to defend and/or pay for the damage.

Event insurance premiums start at $175 and varies depending on the event type and size of the event.

All vendors are required to purchase a separate events insurance policy for their booth at the show, this will individually protect them should an injury or damage occur at their booth during the event or should both parties be named in a lawsuit.

The festival venue may require event insurance proof of coverage prior to completing the booking for the event.

Festival Insurance Key Benefits:

  • Easy online application! Instant quote for most events
  • Pay online and print your policy within minutes
  • Premiums start at $175 and vary based on event type and size
  • Immediate issuance of policy documents via e-mail
  • General Liability Policy Limits: $1,000,000 per occurrence / $3,000,000 aggregate limit (Bodily Injury/Property Damage) (Host Liquor Liability included)
  • Optional Liquor Liability coverage
  • Damage to Premises rented to you




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