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Avoiding Liability Bulletin

At CPH and Associates, we believe education is a vital tool for helping our customers better recognize potential legal issues before they become a claim. We provide a wide range of information for all categories of occupations we insure with professional liability insurance.

For Mental Health Professionals, check out our Mental Health category at our blog the Avoiding Liability Bulletin. You’ll find many posts written by Richard S. Leslie, Attorney at Law. He focuses on common categories of risk faced by healthcare providers. Topics include, Child Custody, Abuse Reporting, HIPAA, Business Considerations and much more.

Nurses will find resources written by Nancy J. Brent, RN, MS, JD, a nurse attorney in private law practice in Wilmette, IL. Nancy represents nurses and other health care providers before the state agency that regulates health professionals.

Fitness and Wellness professionals will find information written by David L. Herbert, Attorney at Law in our Wellfit category. He covers screening and intake as well as common claims scenarios seen by those in your profession.


In the author drop-down menu, select Richard Leslie to access the Avoiding Liability Bulletin for Mental Health Professionals.We hope that through providing these resources to our audience that you’ll be better able to spot the legal issue and avoid a potential claim.

Avoiding Liability Helpline

The Avoiding Liability Helpline provides Mental Health, Allied Health and Nursing* policyholders with a valuable service that is designed to help them protect themselves and their practice. Getting your questions answered by a knowledgeable attorney and airing your concerns early may help you avoid later problems with your licensing board, an ethics committee, or with a civil lawsuit (malpractice action) for money damages.

The Avoiding Liability Helpline provides CPH policyholders with up to 2 free hours of consultation with an attorney per policy period for legal questions related to an existing situation with a client that is not otherwise covered under the policy benefits. The purpose of this helpline is to reduce your liability exposure in a situation that, if not handled properly, could potentially lead to a claim or complaint against your license. Policyholders can speak with attorneys knowledgeable about areas of practice such as confidentiality, child abuse reporting requirements, patient access to records, dangerous patients, dual relationships, and other topics crucial to their practices.

Policyholders can access the Avoiding Liability Helpline by phoning CPH and Associates (call 1-800-875-1911) during our usual business hours (8:30am to 5pm CST Mon-Fri). We will arrange an appointment time for you to call an attorney directly. Please note: we do not have attorneys on staff in our office, but a network of attorneys we will contact to set up the soonest available appointment. The soonest appointment may not be the same business day.

Your conversation with the attorney will be kept confidential from the insurer, Philadelphia Insurance Companies. The attorney will confirm to CPH & Associates that the consultation took place (date, time and length of call) and the general nature (legal or ethical issues involved) of the call. This claims-prevention service is extended to policyholders as a value-added benefit and is therefore not described in the policy provisions.

*Consultations for nurses may not be available in all states.

PLEASE NOTE: The Avoiding Liability Helpline is not a claim reporting hotline. Claims, suits, or professional incidents and circumstances that could potentially lead to a claim or suit must be reported as specified in your policy.

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CPH policyholders may report a professional incident, suit, claim, licensing board (or other regulatory body) investigation or proceeding, bodily injury/property damage incident, or claim reimbursement for subpoena/deposition expenses and other covered policy benefits by completing an Initial Incident Report.

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