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What is professional liability insurance for psychologists?

Like doctors who carry medical malpractice insurance, psychologists carry professional liability insurance (or malpractice insurance) to safeguard their clinical practices. It protects their livelihood and assets against board complaints and lawsuits, and in short, it’s peace of mind.

Why is liability insurance for psychologists especially important?

If you look around on any insurance company’s website, you’ll see that insurance rates are higher for psychologists than most any other mental health occupation. Why is this? Simply put, psychologists are highly trained professionals who are held to very high standards. Any competent risk management seminar will tell you this, and you likely see it everyday. Not only are psychologists required to consider common liability issues, such as confidentiality, dual relationships, and their duty to report, but they also often hold supervisory roles that come with a completely separate set of potential risk management issues.

There’s a lot to consider, but the easiest and potentially most important step you

you can take in protecting yourself is in securing psychologist liability insurance. Getting coverage will allow you to focus on your clients without fear of going it alone if a complaint or lawsuit were to arise. Setting you up with coverage isn’t a long or complicated process.

Here are 3 ways we make it easy:

  1. If you have a question about coverage or the application, give us a call. We’ll have a licensed insurance agent pick up directly (no phone trees).
  2. We’ve created a website based on years of servicing psychologists and their concerns. You can apply online and receive your policy documents electronically.
  3. You’re not left in the dark once you have a policy. We offer two free hours of attorney consultations through our Avoiding Liability Helpline to discuss situations with clients that could potentially lead to a claim or lawsuit.

Our coverage is catered to the highly trained psychologist:

  • Occurrence form “lifetime” coverage, meaning you don’t need to purchase tail coverage
  • Portable coverage: follows your licensure or certification
  • Optional General Liability “slip and fall” Coverage and Business Personal Property Coverage (The CPH TOP™)
  • $35,000 State Licensing Board Defense Coverage automatically included
  • Deposition expense coverage
  • A++-rated carrier for Financial Stability by A.M. Best Co.

In a profession where high standards are paramount, professional liability insurance for psychologists is a must. It’s peace of mind, it’s confidence, and a quote is just a few clicks away.

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