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Boards of Nursing and Their Disciplinary Powers

Your state board of nursing has the authority to administer and enforce the state nurse practice act. This power is broad and includes [...]

Ethics – Enforcement

What is the difference between an ethics violation and a violation of a state law or regulation governing professional conduct? If your [...]

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is one of the biggest areas of question, concern and overall success of medical professionals. We can talk all day [...]

Mandatory Continuing Education – On a Lighter Note!

With the long-standing dysfunction of Congress acknowledged by many inside and outside of government, and with no signs of a quick fix, [...]


The various professional organizations that represent a variety of mental health practitioners have adopted ethical standards or Codes [...]

Verbal Abuse – Free Speech

There are situations that may arise in the course of practicing therapy where a therapist or counselor may need or want to confront a [...]

Self Disclosure

How much self-disclosure by therapists and counselors is appropriate?

Using Patient Information in Public Presentations

It is not unusual for therapists to talk with colleagues about the work they are doing with certain patients or clients, either [...]

Bequest from Patient

In last month’s issue of the Avoiding Liability Bulletin (October 2007), I asked readers to ponder a scenario that involved a wealthy [...]