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Disputes Over Fees

Here’s a useful and common case example that may save you from a complaint or lawsuit by the patient. A lot of complaints (of various [...]

Raising Fees

One of the fundamental questions asked is whether or not it is appropriate to raise fees with respect to patients who are continuing in [...]

Sue the Patient?

Suppose that the patient has been allowed to delay the payment of fees and that the balance now owed to the therapist or counselor is, [...]

The Sliding Fee Scale

A CPH insured and reader of this Bulletin called me to ask some questions about “sliding fee scales.” I told her that I would write [...]

Fee Arrangements

Once in a while, therapists or counselors ask about the propriety of charging a lump sum fee, to be paid in advance, which is to be [...]

“No Shows”

A reader raised some questions related to the amount charged to a client or patient who does not show for the scheduled appointment (or [...]

2014 ABC’s: F – Fees

Under what circumstances is it appropriate to raise a patient’s fee during the course of therapy? Does raising one’s fee during the [...]

Fees and Collections

Are mental health professionals in your state permitted to charge and collect fees, in advance, for professional services to be [...]

Equal Pay for Equal Work?

Professional associations often hear from members about their concerns that health insurers and other third-party payers inadequately [...]

Brief Reminders / Topics

The following reminders/topics are not in order of importance and are only brief comments about a variety of issues – most of which I [...]

Sliding Fee Scale

One of the most basic rules of advertising is that advertisements cannot be false, fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive. This principle [...]