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Treatment Records – Providing a Summary

What right, if any, does a mental health practitioner in your state have to provide the patient with a summary of the treatment records [...]

Patient Access to “Psychotherapy Notes”

Under federal regulations implementing HIPAA, a patient has certain rights with respect to inspecting and copying their health records [...]

Psychotherapy Notes/Records

In a prior Avoiding Liability Bulletin (June, 2005 - Volume No.2), under the topic of “HIPAA – Patient Access to Records,” the [...]

Confidentiality and Authorization Forms

… One of the public policy principles that the HIPAA regulations were influenced by was the public policy incorporated in one state’s [...]

Confidentiality and the Dangerous Patient

Although I have previously written about this topic on several occasions (see Archives), the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech in April [...]


… While confidentiality is generally considered to be a cornerstone of psychotherapy, most mental health practitioners realize that [...]