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General Topics / Considerations for Mental Health Professionals to Prevent Exposure to Licensing Board Complaints

Below is a second outline to the previous article, "An Outline of Commonly Encountered Litigation Issues for Mental Health [...]

Privileged Communications

It is critical for counselors and therapists to know whether or not they are covered by the psychotherapist-patient privilege (or a [...]

Privileged Communications

Assuming that the psychotherapist-patient privilege (or similarly titled privilege) exists in your state for your license or [...]

Group Therapy

With respect to the psychotherapist-patient privilege or similarly named privileges, the general rule is that the patient is the [...]

Group Therapy

One of the questions raised by those who do group therapy or counseling is whether or not the psychotherapist-patient privilege is [...]

Death Of The Patient

What happens when your patient dies and your treatment records are thereafter subpoenaed or you are subpoenaed to appear and testify in [...]

Dangerous Patients

Are you permitted or required to warn when the patient threatens serious and imminent harm to another? Would a claim of privilege be [...]

Joint Holders of the Privilege – Meaning and Implications

There are many circumstances where more than one person will be seen in therapy or counseling, such as in couple counseling or family [...]

Custody and Visitation Disputes – The Big Mistake

… Suppose that you are treating a mother and her two children (ages 9 and 11) who are involved in a custody and/or visitation dispute [...]