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Confidentiality and Your Clients – Mistakes That Can Lead to a Lawsuit

The highest standard a healthcare practitioner can hold onto, other than administering the best level of care, is confidentiality and [...]

Parental Access to Records of Minor

… One area where I get repeated questions involves the right of parents to access the mental health records of their minor children. [...]

Conflicting Requests

… Suppose that a patient has signed an authorization form allowing you to release confidential information to a third party, but after [...]

Child Abuse Investigations

...Therapists and counselors are generally aware of their child abuse reporting duties. But, situations can occur that may raise issues [...]


… What is the right of a therapist or counselor to communicate with other health care providers or facilities without the patient’s [...]

Confidentiality / Privilege – Death of the Patient

… I previously wrote about this topic, in a limited way, where I addressed the issue of the county coroner or medical examiner seeking [...]

Breach of Confidentiality – How Much Accountability and to Whom

… Confidentiality is the primary cornerstone of psychotherapy. Without the promise of confidentiality, patients and clients would be [...]

Cooperation With Child Abuse Investigator (?)

… While practitioners must be mindful of the duty of confidentiality and must instinctively lean toward resisting (at least initially) [...]

Possession Of Child Pornography

…. A reader indicated that on a list serve she visited there was “considerable disagreement over the expectations of confidentiality [...]

Possession Of Child Pornography – Follow-up

The reader explained that she expected me to say (in the article) that in a case where abuse was clearly shown in a photograph [...]

Domestic Violence – Mandatory Reports(?)

… If one spouse, partner, or cohabitant intentionally strikes and injures the other, causing a physical injury, does the law in your [...]

The Fact Of The Relationship

… Confidentiality is the cornerstone of counseling and psychotherapy. Privilege is a concept related to confidentiality, but privilege [...]