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Are There Limits to a Nurse’s Duty to Advocate for Patients?

In the following case1, an LPN and a charge nurse’s attempted management of a patient centered on their respective duty to protect the [...]

Discharge Instructions and Liability

When a patient is discharged from a health care facility, the patient’s discharge instructions are an essential part of his care. When [...]

Is a Nursing Home an Insurer of Resident Safety?

Mr. K., a 59-year-old retired Air Force officer, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The family decided they could no longer care [...]

Nurses Do The Caring But Are They Cared For?

Nurses have the need for care just as any other healthcare professional. At CPH & Associates we take pride in providing optimum care [...]

Nurses, Are You Aware of Your Malpractice Risks?

Malpractice liability for nurses may be more common than you think. Consider this scenario: Mr. Jameson, a contractor, suffered a heart [...]

Does an Advanced Practice Nurse Need to Consult With Her Consulting Physician When Ordering Medications?

In this Utah case1, a nurse practitioner prescribed a number of medications for a male patient, including Concerta, Valium, Doxepin, [...]

An Avoidable Deadly Drug Reaction

In Brown v. Starmed Staffing1, a patient came into the ED with a swollen tongue and difficulty swallowing. The patient’s regular [...]

Case Study Part 1 – June 2015

I’m sure you have all had to care for “problem” patients during your nursing practice. Sometimes you are tempted to ignore their [...]

Case Study Part 2 – July 2015

You may recall that one of June’s bulletins was a case study about Mary Clark, her difficult personal life, and the death of one of the [...]

Nurse Registry or Agency Work

As has been discussed in prior Professional Liability Bulletins, when a nurse has allegedly injured a patient due to his or her [...]

Dangers for Nurse Managers

Those of you who are nurse managers, charge nurses, or nurse supervisors are keenly aware of the legal issues involved in your [...]

Keeping your License Up-to-Date

Any certifications, credentials, and your license as a registered nurse and/or an advanced practice nurse that you possess must be kept [...]